Posing timeless reflections on the murkiness of identity, the death of friendships, and the challenges of love and religion, Julia Krueger released her debut EP for(e)go at age 15. Her first musical release provokes and inspires with lyrical ingenuity and signature vocals. Julia flexes and builds her musical muscle with every move, announcing her arrival as a compelling singer/songwriter with authentic grace and artistry.

for(e)go is a searingly-honest reflection on Julia’s own search for her sense of identity and connectedness to the world around her. Weaving musical styles, and posing ageless scenarios, Julia observes her world with finesse and reports her findings without fear — binding passion, longing, distance, despair, perseverance, faith, and ultimately love into a tightly woven narrative on the often-unspoken challenges of becoming a young adult.

Julia began playing piano at age five, and began writing poetry (her first passion) shortly thereafter. In her early teens, after a cross-country move with her family, she battled severe stomach and intestinal illness, and was sidelined from most physically-demanding activities. With even basic day-to-day demands a challenge, Julia poured her energy and emotions into songwriting, and wrote and recorded her first song—Flamethrower—at age 14. By age 15, she had carved heart, mind, and soul into four additional songs—Pavement, Blue Thread, Quarter-Year Conflict, and Three Days —for her debut EP.

At age 17, Julia released two new original songs as singles: Caliban’s Glass, and Enough. Both songs continue her journey as an artist, and push her lyrical and musical stylings to new levels.

Currently hailing from Southern California, with emotional ties to her roots in Cleveland, Ohio, Julia easily and naturally blends various sensibilities and perspective into her songwriting.

She shares her enthusiastic outlook, fierce intellect, and warm and compassionate heart with her older brother Kyle, her parents Angie and Kevin, and her friends at JSerra High School in San Juan Capistrano, CA (where she enjoys theatre and improv as extracurricular pursuits). And she credits her strong, positive working relationship with Elliot Koenig—owner of Hear No Evil studio in Orange, CA—for providing the necessary gateway to express and share her music and lyrics with others.

In fall 2019, Julia will attend Belmont University, in Nashville, TN, as an incoming freshman, majoring in Songwriting as part of Belmont’s Music Business school.

Julia’s uncle Russ Kern was gracious enough to develop the layout and graphics for her web site, as well as Julia’s “fluorescent fingerprint” logo. Her cousin MacKenzie Kern was kind enough to paint the beautiful cover art for Julia’s EP, as well as the logo art for for(e)go.

Messages to Julia can be sent to She invites you to share your unique stories with her, and hopes that you’ll follow and enjoy her postings on instagram, twitter, YouTube, and tumblr (where her page also features samplings of her poetry).

Love and blessings to you, and thanks for your interest and support.

Julia Krueger | Singer/Songwriter Julia playing the keyboard Julia Julia Krueger

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